[Western] Thanks

chiang chiang at odsy.net
Mon Dec 3 21:05:02 PST 2001

I would like to take a few minutes to thank all the people that came from so
far to attend the Western Regional Fighter Practice. Thanks to Dux, for
helping lead it and teaching me a thing or five.  I also would like to thank
Their Highnesses for showing up and lending their support to the effort too.
Thanks to HE Stella, HE Llewelyn(hope that I did not butcher you name too
badly), Willem, Louie, Frenchie, and last but not least Almar. You guys
drove a long way just to smack me around a bit. I enjoyed every minute of
it. I would like to thank the fighters of the Western Region that showed as
well. The ones that didn't...well we forgot to talk bad about you, but will
remember next time.
Yours in service,
Chiang Ti Lung
Western Warlord

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