[Western] Crown Tourney - Final Round

Sabine le Curter purpleermine at gmail.com
Sat Oct 2 13:18:24 PDT 2004

Welcome to Crown!

Please pardon my spelling of names… I will fix them when I get home.

10:00 am - Armor Inspection is still going on … rain is sporadic

10:30 am - court to begin in 10 minutes… final call for entrants

11:10 am procession finished … hold called on account of rain… we wait

11:30 am and we start…

Duke Jean Richard vs. Lord Angus Gunn = Duke Jean Richard

Duke Miguel vs Lord Geoffory = Duke Miguel

Earl Barn Silveraxe vs Lord Connor = Earl Barn Silveraxe

Jarl Timo vs Lord Daire = Jarl Timo

Earl Jason vs Cen Giotto = Earl Jason

Earl Aaron vs Cen Tomas = Earl Aaron

Sir Britta vs HL Alric = Sir Britta

Earl Ulstead vs Cen Daniel = Earl Ulstead

Sir Godwin vs Don Benedict = Sir Godwin

Baron William vs Baron Gavin = Baron Gavin

Baron Chiang vs Baron Armand = Baron Chiang

Sir Kief vs Sir Owen = Sir Owen

Mistress Stella vs Sir Jean Paul = Sir Jean Paul

Sir William vs Sir Bunny = Sir William

Sir Alexis vs Sir Randall = Sir Alexis

Lord Karlous vs Sir Mahadi "The Dreaded By" = Sir Mahadi

so ends the first round…

Second Round (still raining):

Duke Miguel vs Sir Mahadi = Duke Miguel

Earl Ulstead vs Earl Barn = Earl Ulstead

Earl Aaron vs Sir William = Earl Aaron

rain stops… somewhat

Duke Jean Richard vs Sir Britta = Duke Jean Richard

Earl Jason vs Baron Chiang = Earl Jason

Sir Alexis vs Baron Gavin = Sir Alexis

Earl Timo vs Sir Goodwin = Earl Timo

Vivat to Sir Godwin and his announcement to the Order of the Pelican.
Elevation will be at Stargate Yule!!!

Sir Jean Paul vs Sir Owen = Sir Owen

and so ends the Second Round

Third Round … the final 8

Duke Jean Richard vs Earl Ulstead = Duke Jean Richard withdraws from
the field - winner Earl Ulstead

Duke Miguel vs Earl Aaron = Duke Miguel withdraws from the field -
Earl Aaron advances

Earl Timo vs Sir Alexis = Earl Timo

Earl Jason vs Sir Owen = Sir Owen

And so ends the Third Round

Fourth Round … the final four

Earl Timo vs Earl Ulstead =

This fight still continues after Earl Ulstead armor failed. He now
wears Sir Alexis's armor…
They are one and one with Timo on the ground.

Victor Earl Ulstead the Unsteady

Earl Aaron vs Sir Owen = Sir Owen yields to Earl Aaron

and so ends the Fourth Round

Final Round:

Earl Aaron vs Earl Ulsteady....

stay tuned .... www.purpleermine.com

Ever in Service,

Lady Sabine le Curter
Elfsea Hospitaler and Chronicler

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