[Western] Our Crown Prince!!!

Sabine le Curter purpleermine at gmail.com
Sat Oct 2 14:16:54 PDT 2004

Final Round 

Earl Aaron vs Earl Ulstead

The king had private comments for both, the consorts hugged, then
shortly thereafter the first bout  began.  LAY ON!

Ulstead threw the first blow... they met face to face a number of
times, but no blow was landeced. Then Ulstead legged Aaron, then asked
him to yield. Aaron declined respectfully, then  a thrust to Ulstead's
face was swiftly blocked. He retured the fire to Aaron's face.

1st round= Earl Ulstead

Aggressive shots thrown by both Aaron & Ulstead, but they also held
true to a tight defenses. Then Ulstead received a shot to the face.

2nd round = Earl Aaron

Long and hard-fought, they continue to bout. Aaron & Ulstead exchange
words and laugh as brother knights. Both are breathing hard and
exhausted from the day's fighting, but niether slow their speed. Hold
is called.... Ulstead's swrod comes loose from his grip. All well
again, they continue. Ulstead shield requires repair, and is attended
to by Duke Patrick Michael. Earl Aaron asks His Majesty if "we have a
couple of days?". To which the King's reply was "You have 3 months!" 
The bout again starts.  More face-to-face engagemeny, but no blows
were landed. Then Ulstead once again takes Aaron's leg. Ulstead asks
his oponent, "My brother, are you prepared?" Aaron nods, and they
engage.  In a pause, Aaron asked Ulstead  if he cares to join him on
the ground. Ulstead replies, "I'm afraid I'd never get back up again".
Aaron in turn asks "then would you yield?". The crowd laughs, then the
end of the bout.............

With a blow to the face, Ulstead takes the lyste and is the new Crown
Prince of Ansteorra!


Ever in Service,

Lady Sabine le Curter
Elfsea Hospitaler and Chronicler

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