[Ansteorra-announce] Bryn Gwlad's 23rd Baronnial Fair and Championship

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Thu Aug 16 04:48:03 PDT 2001

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Unto all good gentles who read these words come fair greetings from Their Excellencies, Sir Pendaran and Mistress Jehanne, Baron and Baroness of Bryn Gwlad,

We are most pleased to invite one and all to our Baronial Championship event this coming fall. Our current champions, Equis Romanius, Don Pieter and Lord Brin have served us well, but the time has come for these worthy gentles to lay aside their duties and for others to vie for the honor to represent and protect Bryn Gwlad as our champions. We therefore invite one and all to our fair lands as we choose our new champions. Whether you wish to contend in the tournaments or choose to simply enjoy the day, we promise safe conduct within our barony and extend to all the generosity and merriment for which Bryn Gwlad is known. A fine feast shall be laid before you, we ourselves shall host an evening of entertainment around the fire following court, and of course there will always be a surprise or two. We eagerly anticipate hosting the King and Kingdom and to seeing our many friends once again in our lands.

With love and respect and in service to Crown and Kingdom,

Pendaran and Jehanne
Lord and Lady Bryn Gwlad

The web site with full information may be found at


Take a look around and let us know if you have any questions. The site pics on the site info page take a while to load but I hope to fix that by the weekend. See you there,


Web Master


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