[Ansteorra-announce] Fw: Glaslyn's Artisan of the Flame

Carolle M Cox hpockets at gte.net
Thu Aug 16 14:50:34 PDT 2001

 Greetings to one and all!

  Here is an update for those planning to attend the afternoon Make it and
 Take it Garb Workshop at Glaslyn's Artisan of the Flame on August 25.  The
 plan is for 2 hours of essentially open workshop time, following discussion
 of Period pants, Chemise/smock/Camicia, and your ever-present and always
 needed Basic Tunic.

  Supplies are needed for each garment.  Below is the suggested list:

  Period Pants:  3 yards or so of fabric, pre-washed til it stops shrinking.
 Fabric can be heavier cotton, linen, or blends, velvet (it frays, be
 ready!), brocade  (ditto), drapery weight cotton in stripes or solids.
 measure.  Scissors.  a Pen.  If the pants you want to make are for someone
 other than yourself, contact me for pre-instructions!

  Extras:  If you feel the need to haul lots of "stuff", a yardstick, fabric
 pencil, pins, needle and sewing thread to match your fabric will be useful.

  Chemise:  3 - 5 yards of fabric, pre-washed til it stops shrinking.  Good
 choices are finely woven cotton, linen, or silk.  The thinner the better if
 this garment is strictly a  "skin layer".   Tape measure. 2 yards cording
 for ties (ribbon works, but go for grosgraine which won't slip or untie as
 readily), OR 3 yards quilt binding to match your fabric.  Scissors.

  Tunic:   A long-sleeved shirt/blouse that fits comfortably, or a loose
 T-shirt (we won't wreck it).  Fabric, pre-washed til it stops shrinking.
 You'll need 3 yards for a man's tunic, 4 for a woman's.  Muslin or scrap
 fabric for pattern-making if desired.  Trim for your yoke, plus one yard of
 similar fabric in a contrasting color.  Scissors.

  Several hand-outs will be available and some sewing machines as well.

  We look forward to working and playing with each of you!

  Gerita de la Mera (hpockets at gte.net)
  HL Gabrielle

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