[Ansteorra-announce] A & S at Lughnasad

Thu Jun 7 02:06:21 PDT 2001

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     Greetings to the Populace of Ansteorra

Are you getting tired of competing in your normal Arts or Science category? Never tried to enter before? This will be a novice competition, so start thinking about what you may want to enter!

Then be sure to enter the Arts and Science competition at Lughansad!!!  August 17-19 2001

Works in progress will be accepted. Documentation would be nice, but not a have to have.

If you are a Celt, then come to out-do your Celtic Brethren. If you're not a Celt (why would anyone not be a Celt?), Then come and show what the uncivilized people can do!!! There is NO theme, so you cannot use that for an excuse.

Judging will be by popular vote of all attendees.
If you are interested in competing then please contact Dohmnall O"Ruairic at srourke at prodigy.net for more information. Or write to Steve Rourke 6509 Plaza Parkway #111 Fort Worth TX 76116


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