[Ansteorra-announce] DO YOU EAT FOOD?

Carolle cternus at texas.net
Mon Jun 18 17:58:02 PDT 2001

Did you eat food today?  By the most fantastic coincidence, people in
the Middle Ages *also* ate food.  No, really.  If you would like to know
what kinds, under what circumstances, what utensils, what manners, or
what types of food poisoning were involved, come to:

sponsored by The Alexandrian Company and held in the Barony of
Bjornsborg, August 23, 2001CE

A preliminary list of classes:

Polish Food and Customs
Medieval Glass Tableware
Salt & Pepper
Traveling on its Stomach: Food on Campaign
Famine and Ergotism
Survey of Viking Food
The Olive in History
A Short History of Cheese
The Celebration of Advent and Christmastide
On Progress with Elizabeth
German Dining Areas
Lent and its History
When Food Goes Bad - Food Preservation & Food Poisoning
and more.  If you'd like to present a class, contact Mari at
karenmoon at msn.com

As this is a scholarly lecture and presentation symposium, classes will
NOT include cooking workshops.  Instructors are allowed to bring
appropriate samples of period food for their classes -- as long as they
bring enough for everyone!  Dress for the symposium is mundane or

The site is the American Red Cross Center, 3642 E. Houston St., San
Antonio, TX 78219
The site will be open from 8:00 AM until evening. Gate opens and
registration begins at 9:00 AM. There will be a brief, required meeting
for all instructors at 9:00 AM. Classes are scheduled to run from 10:00
AM to 6:00 PM.  It's not yet chiseled into stone, but we have a costumed
revel at the site planned afterwards.

The site does not allow alcohol or weapons.  However, ingredients that
will become alcoholic some day are allowed.  There will be a room for
children that has a TV/VCR and adult supervision, so you can bring the
kids and their favorite “Pokemon in King Arthur’s Court” video.

Questions?  Contact:

Event Steward
Radegund of Tours (Carolle Ternus)
cternus at texas.net

Class Coordinator
Mari ferch Rathyen (Karen Moon)
karenmoon at msn.com

A map and more information can be found in August's Black Star and at
the Alexandrian Company's website:

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