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Tue Jun 26 11:54:56 PDT 2001

>From: "Diane M. Mathews" <CAMELOTHORSE at EARTHLINK.NET>
>Subject: [Ansteorra-Equestrian] Horse TV   demo and taping
>Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 12:19:08 -0500
>Well Guys----We did offer and now they are taking us up on it with VERY
>short notice !
>THIS SUNDAY  JULY 1    8:00 am  to 11:00 am.   (Sorry Katherine about
>interfering with your practice but, you could come here and then we could
>head to your practice)
>HORSE TV wants to come out and film our SCA Equestrian games to do a
>segment on their show.  The filming will be here at Camelot Horse Center
>just outside of Tomball,    PLEASE----EVERYONE come out with your horse in
>your best barding and wearing your best garb.   Whether you have a horse or
>not, YOU ARE INVITED to come and participate.   WE WANT SPECTATORS
>cheering on our Equestrians !!  If you have a nice period
>pavilion---PLEASE----contact me.   We are going to try to have the field
>look as period as possible for the cameras and we need BANNERS, FLAGS,
>PAVILIONS,  etc.  The filming will only take about 2 hours in the morning
>so hopefully, we will not die of heat exhaustion.   They will be filming
>the horses and doing personal interviews asking questions like---Why do you
>do this ?  and What got you involved in the SCA and the SCA Equestrian ?
>YES-----We know this is short notice but, we did not hear from HORSE TV
>until this past Sunday and we contacted the proper SCA officers Monday to
>get approval.
>NO----It is not within our option to get this postponed to a more
>convenient time for us.   It's now or possibly not at all. (I too would
>have liked more time to get ready !)
>YES-----Insurance has already been taken care of
>Let's show everyone how good we can look and how much fun we can have.   An
>RSVP is NEEDED to help me know how many riders to plan for.   Arrangements
>for trailers and portable corrals is necessary so we know how to HIDE all
>mundane equipment.  If you are traveling a great distance, camping will be
>available and arrangements for your horse and yourself can be made.   I
>hope to see everyone this Sunday !
>Lady Gwenievre    (Diane Mathews)    Site coordinator
>281/351-8368    832/545-6925
>Camelothorse at earthlink.net
>Lady Moira MacCrae   (Mary Roschbach)   Contact Liaison
>moiramaccrea at hotmail.com
>713/726-1935      832/244-2935

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