[Ansteorra-announce] Tournament of Chivalry

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Tue Jun 26 13:27:35 PDT 2001


Tournament of Chivalry
Greetings Brethren

Just a reminder not to pack up and leave too hastily after the upcoming
coronation, His (future) Majesty Duncan would invite you to attend his
Tournament of Chivalry the following day, July 15th, at Randol Mill park
in Arlington. The format will be open challenge with unbelted combatants
challenging members of the chivalry with 4 erics, one containing a

Regardless of the name, this tournament is open to all who wish to
enter. Consider this a prime and unique opportunity to challenge, see,
and be seen by visiting Chivalry as well as that of our own fair

Lists will open and armour inspection will begin at 9:30AM, with Court
at 10:00AM. The tournament will begin after court, with a chivalric
circle to follow the torunament. There will be a potluck sideboard for a
late luncheon so bring a dish, or for those who are time challenged,
there are nearby grocers.

For information, contact Finnian MacLeod at (817)469-6797,
finnian at thefray.org or Brigit O'Shaunessy at (817)469-6797,
brigit at thefray.org
Both after 6:00PM and before 10:PM.


Coming from Dallas. Take your best route to I30 and travel west past
SH360 and Six Flags. Exit on N Fielder and turn left (south).

Coming from Fort Worth. Take your best route to I30 and travel east
toward Dallas. Exit on N Fielder and turn right (south).

(Both) Travel south on Fielder to the intersection of Randol Mill Rd and
turn right (west), 2/3mi down on the right will be the entrance to
Randol Mill park. Turn right into the park and then past the National
Guard armory take the first left. Follow this lane to the parking lot at
the end.

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