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Mon Nov 5 08:22:18 PST 2001

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Greetings one and all,

The Yule season is almost upon us and it's time to think about reserving your places for a night of feasting at the Stargate Yule Revel.

The year is 1499.   Vasco de Gamma has recently returned from his successful mission to find a trade route to the East.   His Majesty of Portugal, King Emmanuelle I, has ordered a revel to honor the returning hero.   Featured at the feast will be the new foods and spices brought back from India, traditional favorite Portuguese fare, and the first of the crop of foods discovered by Christopher Columbus in the New World.

~~The Menu~~

Albos com queijos y pao - Garlic cheese with bread
Olivo com pimienta - A selection of marinated olives and peppers
Canja - Chicken rice soup with lemon and mint
Caldo Verde - Green soup
Favas com toucinho - Fava beans with bacon and herbs
Pasta com olivos - Pasta with olives and herbs
Frango no churrasco - Charcoal grilled chicken
Piri-piri - Red pepper sauce
Refogado - Onion sauce
Porco a modo com figo  - Roast pork (in wood oven) with fig sauce
Tortas de alperche - Apricot tarts
Tortas de amendoas - Almond tarts

There may be special treats added as time and labor permits.

Feast fee is $8, site is $9.
Contact Lady Vasilisa for feast reservations at 713-686-9883 or lisa at flyinglions.com    Please contact Vasilisa with any concerns about ingredients or allergies.   Recipes are available upon request.

In fine Spirit,


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