[Ansteorra-announce] New Group Liaison taking applications...

Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Mon Nov 5 11:03:04 PST 2001

Good Morning,

  This is a note that I will be stepping down as the New Group deputy
  to the Kingdom Seneschal. This will be effective at Coronation with
  applications being accepted through January 1st. I apologize for the
  short notice.

  This position assists those areas that don't have SCA groups already
  in forming a group. You need to give out information, get them in touch
  with the right people, and answer all the questions that they come up
  with. If they decide that they want to go forward with this, you then
  give them the proper paper work and start answering questions again.
  After they have completed the forms you then validate all the
  information, ensure that the officers are acceptable to the regionals
  and then make a recommendation for recognition or not to the Kingdom
  Seneschal and Crown.

  From all that this job requires that you have reliable email access
  and phone service. As well, you need to check these means of
  communication regularly to ensure that the forming groups and
  interested parties get the information they need promptly.

  If you are interested in this position, please send a letter of
  application to the Kingdom Seneschal. If you need more questions
  answered about the position, please contact me and I will try to
  respond to them.

In Service,
Phelim Gervase called Pug

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