[Ansteorra-announce] Command Structure of the Army of Heroes

kewing kewing at datajunction.com
Wed Nov 7 12:05:04 PST 2001

Greetings Fellow Ansteorrans,

I am pleased to announce that the command structure for the Ansteorran Army
of Heroes is complete. It is as follows (please forgive my spelling errors):

Level 1: The Crown : King Duncan and Queen Larissa (For GW XI that will be
Prince Aaron and Princess Britta)
          1A: The Heirs: Prince Aaron and Princess Britta (As yet unknown
for GW XI.)
Level 2: The General: Me (Kein MacEwan)
         2A: My Lieutenants: Earl Drake, Sir Alexis
Level 3: Regional Commanders:
          North: Sir Asoph
                    His Lieutenant: Karl Hungus
          West: Chiang
                    His Lieutenant: Daniel de Bourbon and Gavin (the
Prince's squire)
         Central: Dux
                     His Lieutenant: Baron Llewellyn
         Southern: Sir Gideon
                     His Lieutenant: As yet undecided.
         Coastal: Sir Ulsted
                     His Lieutenant: Elibario Sancho Del Mar
Also at Level 3:
           My Exec: Sir Guy
           Morale officer: Sir Pendaran
          Archery Commander: Countess Octavia
          Siege Commander: Centurion Almar

Level 4: Individual Unit Commanders: Basically anyone who is leading more
than 5 fighters.

Anyone can join this command structure at Level 4. All you have to do is get
five other fighters who all agree that you are the leader, then report to
the appropriate Level 3 commander.
If you are already a leader of 5 or more fighters, please contact your Level
3 commander as soon as possible.

Are you practicing out there?

On to Trimaris!

Duke Kein MacEwan
General of the Army of Heroes

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