[Ansteorra-announce] Anti-Papal Decree

claeton freeman blakgoat1 at excite.com
Fri Nov 9 00:48:37 PST 2001

Greetings unto the Populace of Ansteorra

Good peoples...It has been noted that a Schism exists and that SO-Called
Papal authorities have called upon Ansteorrans to fight Ansteorrans on
Ansteorran Soil...to shed their very BLOOD for a Foreign Regent!  THIS WILL
NOT DO!!  The private Ffynnon Gathian
college of cardinals have elected an ANSTEORRAN successor to the Throne of

I AM THAT ERR....I mean Heir!!!

Having been in deeep meditation calling upon the powers of THE LORD to aid
in our Quest for an Ansteorran Papacy, I was awoken to a SHINING bright
light, overhead a Glorious Spirit, he gave ME a MESSAGE and YOU all need to
hear it.

He said "You WILL declare war on 3kings, 3popes, and three Armies."
.....He promised BEER and GOLD.....

I have sent forth my Minions to gather an army......AN ANSTEORRAN ARMY...FOR

WHO WILL JOIN House RHOADD and the AMAZONS in our quest to move the Vatican
to Ffynnon Gath...piece by piece?!?

Pope Cadalaus II
(occupying the body of Lord Claeton Al Sharmute)
Rhoadd High Priest
Shire Ffynnon Gath

P.S. All your base R belong to us.   Make your time.


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