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Brian & Pam Martin TWINOAK at prodigy.net
Sat Nov 10 09:58:00 PST 2001

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Greetings One and All,

I am proud and very pleased to announce the creation of the Ansteorran Gulf War XI web site! This site has been created to convey Ansteorra-specific information such as staff contact information, Ansteorran volunteer coordination, the Ansteorran Gulf War Gate project, pre-Gulf War A&S competition and more. The site is still under construction, so content is somewhat limited right now. However, information will be added and updated daily, so please check back often.

Right now you can find Ansteorran Gulf War staff contact information, land reservation information, and most importantly, you can down load pre-registration forms! Remember, pre-registration is essential for land reservation, and our kingdom land allotment is based on the number of pre-registered people.

Finally, this site is not meant to replace the official Gulf War XI web site, but to augment it with Ansteorra-specific information.

The site can be found on the Ansteorran web site at www.ansteorra.org .

Many thanks to the kingdom's virtual scribe, Selwyn Mortimer for creating and managing this site!

Your Gulf War XI Liaison,
Sir Pendaran Glamorgan, Baron of Bryn Gwlad

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