[Ansteorra-announce] Archer's Revel

Bob Dewart gilli at seacove.net
Tue Nov 20 21:27:32 PST 2001

Greetings and Hi There,

Archer's Revel is being held, as usual, Thanksgiving weekend, 23 - 25
November.  Sponsored by the Shire of Middleford and hosted by HLs Gilli and
Darcy, Archer's Revel is a non-calendar event.  While the event's main focus
is to try to get in some good last minute scores before the season ends,
non-archers are also welcome.

The cost of the event depends on how many scores for the IKAC / IKCAC you
sent in that counted, or range you helped with.  The cost of the event is
$15.00 per person, minus $3.00 per score or range helped with till the your
event cost is $00.00.

In addition to almost endless archery, you get fed, a lot.  Soup, sandwiches
and that sort of thing are available when you arrive Friday when the site
opens at 5 PM.  Then there's breakfast, lunch and feast Saturday.  Sunday it
's breakfast again and lunch before we leave site.  Please send dietary
restrictions, if any.  Please let me know if you plan on coming so I'll have
an idea of how much food to buy.

OK, here's the deal.  Archer's Revel is being held at Camp Finlayson on West
Fort Hood.  As you know we, the Shire of Middleford, were not able to hold
Warchieftain on post because of security requirements of the Army following
Sept. 11.  While things are still going on else where, the local threat
level has have calmed down.  Coordination has been made with the Post Provo
Marshal's Office and the Force Protection Division.  They will be expecting
us.  There are only two things you can't bring: fire arms and illegal drugs.
Identify yourself as a member of the SCA here for the Camp Finlayson.
You'll be required to show your driver's license and they will probably
check your vehicle some.  If you have a problem ask them to contact the EOC
(Emergency Operation Center).  They will be reminded the day prior to the
event. My cell phone number is 760-8649.  Camp Finlayson's phone number is
288-9531.  Please enter West Fort Hood at only the West Fort Hood / Clark
Road entrance.

So bring your toys and let's get in some more good scores.  We can still
take first place over all.  But then, we could still finish less than are
current 2nd place too.

You can go to

for directions.


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