[Ansteorra-announce] Kingdom Eisteddfodd

Biggs, Truly Truly.Biggs at compaq.com
Wed Nov 21 12:10:43 PST 2001

Greetings Ansteorra,

It is with great pleasure that I can hereby provide details about the
upcoming Kingdom Eisteddfodd. This year's Eisteddfodd will be held at
Steppes' Twelfth Night celebration January 4th-6th, 2002. The
competition will begin at 12:00 noon. Though the location will be the
same as last year, the format of the competition will be somewhat

All of the competitors, in the order of signup, will perform one piece.
When all competitors have performed once, the judges will decide who
will advance to the next round, cutting the number of participants in
Those chosen will then perform another piece in a different style from
their first.  After all these performances, again half the performers
will be eliminated and half will advance.  Rounds will continue in this
manner until there are only two or three contestants remaining. Each of
these finalists will perform one or perhaps two pieces (time
permitting). The judges will confer and the winner will be announced in
evening court.

¨	You may not do the same style twice in a row. i.e. 1st round
-song, 2nd round -song
¨	You may alternate styles i.e. 1st round -song, 2nd round -story,
3rd round - song
¨	You may repeat styles for the final round. Perform in your best
style, even if you did that in the previous round.
¨	You may accompany another individual in his/her performance, or
have accompaniment for your performance - but only one of you can be
judged at a time. No group entries. Our kingdom bard is an individual,
and the title will not be conferred upon a group.
¨	Brief documentation is expected, presented orally or on paper.
(Origin of the piece, author, type, location and time period of the
dance, in a period style or not, etc.) Be warned that if you SAY that a
piece is period, or in a period style and one of the judges knows that
it is not, you will not advance to the next round...so be certain of
your research. You do not need to present heavy documentation, just be
honest. If you aren't sure that a piece is period, do not claim that it
¨	Entertaining period pieces are more likely to advance than
either entertaining modern pieces or non-entertaining period pieces.
¨	Pieces must be memorized.  Blanking out is something that
happens to everyone. Not knowing your piece is not. The judges will know
the difference.
¨	Performances are limited to seven minutes in length.
¨	Any questions may be directed to HL Eleanor Fairchild:
trulinor at yahoo.com

I look forward to seeing you there!
HL Eleanor Fairchild

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