[Ansteorra-announce] vigil at Stargate

Kimberly Koch sarapenrose at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 4 17:48:15 PDT 2001

Hi y'all!

I am pleased to say that Don Modius will be elevated
to the order of the Pelican after many years of
devoted service to Crown, Kingdom, and Society. I am
very proud of him, and I am delighted to have the
great privilege of hosting a vigil for him at this
weekend's Stargate Baronial.

The vigil will be during the day on Saturday, with the
elevation itself occuring in evening court. Please
feel free to stop by the vigil area to share your
words of congratulations, encouragement, or advice
with Modius, and to partake of cold German wine and
beer, warm knockwurst and red cabbage, and fresh
homemade pretzels.

Since I know that Modius has provided many of us with
lots of very, um, shall we say, *direct* words of
wisdom or advice, I am sure that he would be delighted
to receive the same at his vigil. :D

Everyone is welcome - we are looking forward to seeing

Warm regards,
Sara Penrose

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