[Ansteorra-announce] Looking for a few good heralds

Wise drwise at swbell.net
Tue Sep 4 19:15:49 PDT 2001

Greetings All:

The Company of the Grail shall be hosting a pas de armes to be held the
sunday of Three Kings and is need of several field heralds.  For those
not familiar with a pas de armes it is a special type of tournament
where the emphasis is on the pageantry and chivalrous conduct rather
than simply determing the last man standing.  In this case we are
recreating the Battle of Thirty set in 1351.  In accordance with this
theme we will have a ladies gallery, a French camp and an English camp.
Each participant will have their own herald so we are looking for
several heralds to represent the galleries and to provide color
commentary.  Be forewarned! This is no simple job as you may be called
on to dress down some shabby appearing duke and then go on to challenge
an entire army.   In addition, you will be required to coordinate with
the other heralds to educate them as to what to expect.  Think of this
as a combination of emcee and stage director.  So if you are not afraid
to jump in with both feet this promises to be the most memorable event
of the year.  The company will assist you with garb so that you will
look the part of the accomplished herald of the 14th century as well as
feed and shelter you as necessary.  We will need to decide fairly
quickly as there is alot to go over, so please don't wait until the last
minute if this sounds of interest to you.  For further information,
please check out the website at:


For questions, or to get signed up please contact me at drwise at swell.net

or Lord Rodrigo at bowermanm at mail.ev1.net

Thanks in advance,

Sir Alexis La Bouche

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