[Ansteorra-announce] Gulf War X Volunteer Hours - Vivat Elfsea!

twinoak@prodigy.net twinoak at prodigy.net
Mon Sep 17 13:07:31 PDT 2001

Greetings All,

Now that the volunteer hours for Gulf War X have been tallied, I
would like to express my congratulations and thanks to the Barony of
Elfsea for logging by far the largest number of volunteer hours from
Ansteorra. Elfsea logged 364 volunteer hours, which is just more than
200 hours more than the group with the second greatest number of
hours (Bryn Gwlad with 161 hours). I know that as the liaison and
land steward for Ansteorra, I greatly depended on the hard working
folk of Elfsea throughout the war and I truly appreciate their

Well done, Elfsea; you have set the standard for the rest of the
groups in the kingdom. As for the rest of us, we have a lot of work
to do to catch up to Elfsea!

H.E. Sir Pendarn Glamorgan,
Gulf War Liaison

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