[Ansteorra-announce] Fw: MIDDLEFORD'S 20TH YEAR

Bob Dewart gilli at seacove.net
Tue Sep 18 20:57:27 PDT 2001

As you all know, within the borders of what we call the Shire of Middleford,
is the free world's largest military base, Fort Hood.  In the Shire's 20
year history, we have hosted many of our events with the sounds of our
nation fighting for freedom around the world in the back ground.  During
Desert Shield and Desert Storm, Middleford hosted two events on Fort Hood at
Camp Finlayson.  We are not strangers to conducting business to the sounds
of military transports on missions of freedom.

 However; circustances of late are of such a magnetude, Camp Finlayson is
useable for our purposes at this time.  We will therefore be holding
Warchieftain / Cavalier of the Bridge, as scheduled on 12 - 14 October, at
the Belton Group Use Park.  Our own website will reflect these changes very
soon; hopefully by this coming Monday.  But in the mean time, our good
friends in Tempio have allowed us to direct you to their website for a map
to the site.  The Belton Group Use Park is also where they will be holding
their Samhain Stew event the weekend of 26 - 28 October.

So bring your heavy weapons, your rapiers,  A & S, bardic, your knifes axes
and spears and, of course, your appetite.  Come and have fun and enjoy
yourself.  But leave your archery things at home, the current site
regulation does not allow archery.  That's OK, we didn't have archery at our
first event 20 years ago either.

We hope to see you all there.  And help us start our next 20 years with a
BANG, all be it, not quite the BANG we all had in mind.

If you have questions or need more information please contact our
Seneschal HL Louise Elizabeth Mendenhale at (254) 526-7310 or at
cotton at n-link.com

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