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Elizabeth Crouchet ecs at io.com
Thu Sep 20 06:06:59 PDT 2001

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We are looking forward with great anticipation to hosting our friends and neighbors from all parts at our upcoming Baronial Faire and tournament. We invite one a dn all to share in our hospitality.

To ensure your stay is as enjoyable as possible, we would like to giv eyou all as much information about the site as possible.

We would llike to point out that while this site is beautiful it is also primitive. We would ask that you bring your own table and chairs as these resources are limited.

The tournament grounds are on a beautiful, wooded and grassy site. The road in is good gravel with easy passage. Parking will be in a grassy field. Camping is available and campfires are permitted. NO GROUND FIRES! Use a fire ring, a BBQ pan, something to contain any fires built. The land owners are quite liberal in their attitudes, but a cedar grove, even after plenty of rain, can catch fire easier than most people realise. Our hosts, however, have said that we can have all the deadfall(please read, DEADFALL) that we want. There is potable water on site and cold showers will be available. You may drive in to set up and take down camp, however, all vehicles must be parked in the parking lot before 8:30am Saturday morning! No vehicles will be allowed past the parking area after 8:30am and before 5pm on Saturday! This is a primitive site, and as such there is no Dumpster or other facility for trash collection on a large scale; therefore, we must ask that if you bring it in, you need to pack it out. This is privately owned land, so we should show our appreciation by leaving it as clean as we can. On that note, please be responsible with any glass containers. Please see the site link for more information. Motels are located nearby.



http://www.io.com/~jtc/baronial/bryngwlad.html for AOL.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Baroness Claire

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