[Ansteorra-announce] Regional A & S offices

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Thu Sep 27 06:27:01 PDT 2001

Greeting Ansteorra,

 The positions of Regional Minister of Arts and Sciences in the Western
and Northern regions will be vacated soon. Anyone interested in applying
for either of these positions should send a letter of application and proof
of membership to me, with a copy to the current regional Minister of A &
S for the files. Please include your SCA and modern names, address, phone,
email (if any), qualifications and experiences. All letters of recommendation
for this positions should be sent to me as well. Our addresses are in the

 Deadlines are:  Western Regional - October 1st (previously advertised);
Northern Regional - December 15th.

Remaining in service...
Mistress Charla Noel du Lac
Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences

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