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> Greetings unto the people of Ansteorra,
> While we begin preparations for the coming holidays and partake of the
> events to come before the end of the year, preparations are under way for
> the fifth annual Westgate Winter Collegium!  The event is scheduled for
> January 5th, 2002 in Southwest Houston a the St. Thomas Aquinas Church.
> I, Lord Alden Drake, and my good friend, Lord Griffin ap Rhys, are
> co-autocrating the event this year, and we are looking for people
> in teaching classes on various textile arts.  We are looking for all level
> of classes, from beginners through expert, so that we might entice more
> people to attend.  It should be a fun-filled day of learning, but we can't
> do it without the support of the learned populus to share with us what
> know.  So please, volunteer to teach a textile class!
> Directions and additional information for the event will be forthcoming.
> If you are willing to teach a class, please contact our Class Coordinator,
> Lady Tegan Gwyllt at tegantwyllt at ev1.net.
> If you require additional information, contact either myself
> (wyrmclaw at ev1.net), or Lord Griffin (lord_housemythos at hotmail.com).
> We look forward to your participation!
> In service,
> Ld. Alden Drake
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