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Brian & Pam Martin twinoak at cox-internet.com
Thu Dec 5 20:11:45 PST 2002

Greetings to Ansteorra,

If you haven't been to the State of the Arts web site lately, you may want
to go there and see the new information that is being added.    The two
newest additions are
1)  Exhibits, Performances, and Collections around Ansteorra, from Master
Geoff Cathan,  and
2)  Upcoming Arts & Sciences around Ansteorra, by Mistress Jehanne d'Avignon

You can reach the web site by a link from Kingdom A&S on Regnum of
Ansteorra.org    or go to

Below are excerpts from the two newest articles:

1)  Exhibits, Performances, and Collections around Ansteorra

All Dressed Up: 250 Years of Feminine Finery
Sep 14-Mar 15, 2003
Bell County Museum
Crossroads of Empire: An Exhibit of Historical Maps from 1500 to 1900
opens Sep 7
Historic Upshur Museum
The Amazing Castle
Fort Worth Museum of Science and History
Oct 12- Jan 12.
 The Menil Collection
 1515 Sul Ross
Houston, Texas 77006
                regular collection, medieval and Byzantine

2)  Upcoming Arts & Sciences around Ansteorra (excerpt from Dec. 2002)

Tournament of the Golden Hart and Pre-Hispanic Feast
The Shire of La Marche Sauvage
December 28, 2002 - La Marche Sauvage will be choosing their Champion
Artisan at this event.  No other details are mentioned.  You may want to
contact the event steward to find out if documentation is necessary.

Steppes 12th Night
January 3-5, 2003 - Well now, this is the "Elizabethan" season.  It seems
that both 12th Night and Candlemas this year will be honoring England and
her greatest queen.  For their annual costume contest this year, they will
be looking for the best Elizabethan clothing.  Also, as is custom, they will
hold their table decorating contest and a dessert competition (2 pm).  What
is particularly special this year is the judge.  Her Royal Majesty, Queen
Elizabeth, will be judging these competitions!  I also note from the event
announcement that Her Majesty (England) will give special consideration to
familiar sweets and kissing comfits (see the web site for details).  My, my,
won't Mister Marlowe be disappointed that he wasn't invited.  It seems that
Mister Shakespeare will rule the day.  He will be hosting auditions for his
acting troupe (see the web site for details - time not mentioned) and The
Baron's Men will be performing "Much Ado About Nothing" at 3:30 pm.

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