[Ansteorra-announce] Coronation Feast Reservations being taken at Stargate and Dragonsfire Tor Yiule!!!

Brent.Ryder@compucom.com Brent.Ryder at compucom.com
Wed Dec 11 08:20:28 PST 2002

Howdy again all,

Want to pre-reserve for feast at Coronation?

Going to either Stargate's or Dragonsfire Tor's Yule event this weekend?

Then have your checks ready and listen for the announcement at opening court
for the details. A Coronation Representative will be on hand to take your

Pre-paid reservations (by check only please)

Only $5 per person!!!!

Get'em while they last!!!!!!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled email session ;)

Coronation Event Steward

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