[Ansteorra-announce] bardic competition at Stargate Yule

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Wed Dec 11 08:30:13 PST 2002

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Stargate Yule Revel is this Saturday, and as usual, we will be selecting the
Stargate Bard.

The competition will be held from1-4 in the main hall (a schedule change from
earlier information)

Those who wish to compete for title bard should prepare three pieces in at
least two different formats (story, song, poem, or other).  One of the three
pieces should reflect the theme of the event, which is:  Heroes and Legends.

In addition to many lovely parting gifts for those who are runners-up, we will
have a nice prize basket and a a beautiful handcrafted chair made by Thomas
atte wood.

Hope to see you there, bards!

Lord Kovac Myklos

Outgoing Stargate Bard

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