[Ansteorra-announce] Steppes Warlord Merchant Reminder

Aaron Robb philo_net at yahoo.com
Thu May 9 08:33:05 PDT 2002

Just a quick reminder, if you are interested in Merchanting at Steppes
Warlord (May 24-27), it is getting close to event time and we would like
to hear from you!

If you have not contacted the Merchant Coordinator already (Philo
Alexander, mka Aaron Robb, philo_net at yahoo.com) please do so ASAP so you
can be sent information on what we will need to get you the space you are
looking for (or as close to it as geography and weather permit).

The last day I will be able to accept reservations will be Tuesday, May
21st. I will be unavailable after that, except out on site Friday morning.
E-mails sent after the 21st will not be read until after the event, so
*please* make contact ASAP if you have not already. Also, I am not
subscribed to the Kingdom e-mailing list, so I obviously won't be
answering messages posted there. Please contact me directly if you have
questions at philo_net at yahoo.com.

Merchants showing up Friday without reservations will be alotted whatever
space is available, but we can serve you much better if you make

We hope to see a record number of wonderful merchants out at Steppes
Warlord this year, please come and join us! More information about the
event is available at http://www.steppes.org/warlord/index.htm

Philo Alexander

Aaron D. Robb, M.Ed., NCC, LPC

Malo periculosan libertaten quan quietun servitium.
Better freedom with danger than peace with slavery.
                                        -Palatine of Posen

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