[Ansteorra-announce] It's not an event, it's a war college...

Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Fri May 31 09:25:33 PDT 2002

                                War College
                               Austin, Texas
                              June 15th, 2002

The call of war has gone out and been heard. There is to be a gathering
of fighters from near and far to refine their battle skills. Please join
your friends and fellow fighters at this War College.

The webpage for this non-event can be found at:


This site, within the boundaries of Austin, TX, will have a couple new
toys to play with. There is a fort being built similar to the one at
the Jones Country site. As well, there is to be a ship built that we
will be able to be used for different boarding scenerios.

  NOTE: Images of the fort and ship are soon to appear on the website.

During this day of warcraft there will be many activites including:

Melees with likely scenerios including:
    small unit conflicts
    open field battles
    castle battles
    ship battles
    combat archery
    siege engines
Tactics classes
Tactical scenerios to better understand goal oriented battles and to practice
  what you've learned
Great sword classes
Single combat fighting
A light lunch of fruits, breads, meats and cheeses
Swimming for those who want

                               How to find us
The site is located on the scenic shores of Lake Travis with many fine
trees shading the lushness of the land. Camping is available for those
who wish to spend the weekend relaxing on these fine shores.

The most direct directions are as follows:

Take I-35 to the 290E/FM2222/Keonig exit. Take FM 2222/Keonig West.
Stay on FM 2222/Keonig until you cross RM360. <em>(This is several miles
  and you leave Austin proper.)</em>
Go West on FM 2222 about 0.4 miles to the first stop light at City Park Rd.
Turn left on City Park Road and go almost a mile up a steep hill to
  Bridgepoint Pkwy.
Turn left onto Bridgepoint Pkwy and go until it ends.
Turn right onto Coldwater Canyon drive. Follow this road around, past the
  barricade to the cul-de-sac.
At the end of the cul-de-sac is a gate and a dirt road. Enter slowly.
Follow the dirt road through the small cliffs and down the hill.
    NOTE: It's a STEEP HILL so drive slowly.

Disclaimer: This war college is a privately ran event and is not a function
            of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. While some of
            the individuals may be participants in that organization
            and some of the guidelines we follow are similar, this event
            has nothing further in common with the Society for Creative
            Anachronism, Inc.

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