[Ansteorra-announce] Ansteorran Encampment at Lilies War

Aunt Dwen auntdwen at earthlink.net
Thu May 30 21:10:48 PDT 2002

Greetings to the Populace of Fair Ansteorra:

    Once again a number of us are traveling from Ansteorra to fight, learn,
dance and party with our Calontiri friends to the north.  There's only 7
days, 15 hours and a few odd minutes until War of the Lilies XVI!  We have
reserved a large 40 x 40 pavilion and are encouraging any and all
Ansteorrans who plan on attending the war to camp with us.  We usually run a
war kitchen on a per/day basis.  Even if you're bringing your own chow, come
enjoy the shade and camaraderie as we show the folks from Calontir how we do
things down South.

    Their Excellencies Northkeep, Hl. Thorvald and his Lady Jessamy, Ld.
Otar and Ly. Dirgelion will be at the war from the start on Friday June 7th.
We'll be catching up mid-week.  If you want further information about the
war, please see the well done web pages at
http://calontir.sca.org/lilieswar/index.html  If you want more information
about the Ansteorran encampment, please get in touch with me or the above
named good gentles.

    See you at Lilies, where it's not just a War, it's a VACATION!


Baroness Ceridwen Tir Gwastraff, OP
House Wizard's Keep
Shire of the Wastelands

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