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Wed Aug 13 17:29:59 PDT 2003

Greetings Ansteorra,

This fall on October 25th the Canton of Loch Ruadh will host the first Fall
Arts Symposium.  Here is a partial list of the classes that will be offered
at the Symposium.  Please check the Kingdom A&S web page for further


 I hope you will consider attending.



Baroness Jehanne d’Avignon, O.L.

Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences



Leather Appliqué – Baroness Stella Silvana, O.L.

Cultures from ancient Egypt to Medieval Europe used the beautiful technique
of leather appliqué. Learn the history of this method of leather decoration
and create a project which you get to take home.


Anatomy of a Sleeve – Honorable Lady Eleanor Fairchild

Discussion of pattern shapes of sleeves from t-shaped garment to Houpellande
to Two-piece Elizabethan sleeves. 


How to Make Historical Clothing Look Real – Honorable Lady Eleanor Fairchild

Fabric choice, colors, silhouette, construction techniques, etc which make
the difference between “costume” and “clothing”


Performance Workshop – Baron Pendaran Glamorgan, O.L.

A performance work shop to allow people to explore emoting and the acting
process in performance


Intermediate Sprang – Honorable Lady Radegund of Tours

The class will assume basic knowledge of sprang, an ancient and medieval
technique for making stretchy fabric by manipulating warp threads, i.e. how
to warp a sample frame and Z-twist interlinking.  Class will cover methods
of finishing and 'interlinking one thread with one thread' methods: multiple
twist interlinking, warps with varying color sequences, S-twist interlinking


Historical Embroidery –  Baroness Stella Silvana, O.L.

Learn about various types of embroidery styles and the cultures and time
periods where they were in use.


Planning a Sixteenth Century Doublet –Cassandra Louise Marchand, O.L.

Advanced class dealing with all the steps involved in making a Sixteenth
Century doublet:  research, design, material selection, pattern draping and
production, assembling, finishing.


Thread Wrapped Buttons – Baroness Ariella d’Aille, O.L.

Make a popular style of Sixteenth Century button under the guidance of


Romanques and early Gothic Figures and Animal Drawing – Duchess Willow de
Wisp, O.L.

An overview of stock figures, people and animals, used in the 11th, 12th,
and 13th centuries.  Figures for use in illumination and wall hangings.
Special attention will be paid to drapery and changes in drapery over time.


Creating Spaces: Ambiance for SCA Venues - Baroness Kaitlyn McKenna, O.L.

How to decorate for an SCA event, hall, pavilion, or list field, covering
the whole process from idea conception through design and into
implementation with a focus on being the coordinator with its
responsibilities. We will also share tips and tricks to achieve great
ambiance with basic supplies and talents.


Acanthus Leaves from the Gottingen Model Book – Hillary Rose Greenslade,

A review of the acanthus leaf illumination style as shown in the Gottingen
Model book and other sources; followed by painting sample templates.




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