[Ansteorra-announce] Lughnasad Thank You's from the Autocrat (Long)

Padraig Ruad O'Maolagain padraig_ruad at irishbard.org
Fri Aug 15 08:48:01 PDT 2003

Again, Lughnasad was a grand success, and only because so many people worked
extremely hard to make it so.  I'm going to try to thank everyone, but if I
don't mention you by name, it is not because your contribution wasn't
important, but rather due to my poor memory.

First of all, many thanks to Armand and Ameline, Lord and Lady Loch Ruadh
(and the next Baron and Baroness of Elfsea), for holding Court, and adding
greatly to Lughnasad by their graciousness.

My Autocrats-in-Training, Caitrin ferch Rhys, Fiona I Fionnagain and
Madelina de Lyndesay, were instrumental in keeping me from getting burned
out (not to mention that they now have experience in Autocratting for future
events, hint, hint).

Eirikr Gunnolfson, Caitrin ferch Rhys and Asa Hrafnasdottir, who handled
event flyers, ads and invitations.

To all of my Coordinators:
Arts and Science - Caitrin ferch Rhys
Chivalric Combat - Alaric Morganygg
Rapier Combat - Caerell MacDomnaill
Chirurgeon - Magdalea Mac an Ghabhann
Water Bearer - Ulfgierr Hammerbane
Archery - Tegwared MacAuley
Thrown Weapons - Eoghan mac Cinatha
Gate - Fiona I Fionnagain
Feastocrats - Sybil O'Dowd and Brighid MacFergus
Merchant Coordinator - Innes Dee
Herald Coordinator - Dohmnall Dubh O'Ruairc
Security - Rolf Sewardson
Baronial Liaison - Dana Mac an Ghabhann
Prize Reeve -Dohmnall Dubh O'Ruairc
Water Ball Melee - Polydore Pike
Set Up - Aingeal Mac an Ghabhann
Tear Down - Robartach O'Sluaghain
Children’s Bardic - Elanor O'Rourke
Site Tokens - Thorgeirr Varlbjarnarsson
List Mistress - Bice di Pietro
Misty Forest - John Stegall

Setup crew - Aingeal, Caerell, Ulfgeirr, Morgan, Daniel, Innes, Gwenllian,
Alaric, Fiona, Eirikr, Nancy, Grainne, John, Elizabeth, Rolf

Tiki torch fillers - Eirikr and Nancy

Teardown crew - Robartach, Alaric, Fiona, Eirikr, Nancy, Grainne, John,
Elizabeth, Polydore, Rolf, Cat, Clint, Ducky

Put away crew - Alaric, Fiona, Elizabeth, Cat, Clint, Ducky, Big Guy

A special thank you to John Stegall, who provided the misting fans and water
pump that made the Misty Forest such a refreshing oasis in the midst of
Ansteorran summer.  Vivat!

The feast was delicious, as were the leftovers on Sunday morning with a cup
of coffee. Vivat to the Feastocrats!

To all those who served as Guards for Lord and Lady Loch Ruadh, my thanks
both as Autocrat and Court Herald.  While I was not at a good vantage point
to see it myself, I have been told by many people that you looked very
impressive, and Lord and Lady Loch Ruadh stated that they felt well
protected indeed.

If there were an award for the gentle who worked the hardest both before,
during, and after the event, it to go to Alaric Morganygg, who helped pick
up equipment from our storage shed, brought it to the marshalling area
(Aingeal's garage), picked up the misting fans from John, went and got the
tables that John provided, helped load the trailer, hauled it to the site,
helped set up the event site, helped several people (including me) set up
tents, ran the chivalric list, helped tear down camp, helped tear down the
event site, helped load the trailer, hauled it back to Aingeal's, helped
unload, helped take the misting fans back to John's, helped to return the
tables we borrowed from John.  And I've probably left a lot of stuff out.
While a lot of people worked very, very hard, Alaric set the pace for all of
us, though Aingeal was not very far behind him.

To everyone else who helped, and I know that there are many of you, and to
everyone who came to share the wonder that our Lughnasad event has become,
my heartfelt thanks for making this year's event such an outstanding

In Service,
Padráig Ruad Ó Maolagáin
Lughnasad Autocrat, AS XXXVIII
Nunc est bibendum
Politicians prefer unarmed peasants.

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