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Sun Aug 24 11:49:22 PDT 2003

One last message from this event, before the books close on it.

First, honor to our winners:

Novice Winner:  Lady Sara Aston (hand sewn child's outfit with belt, bonnet and trim)
Keeper of the Flame:  Galen of Ennis Merth
Bard of the Flame:  HL Esther of Ennis Merth
Artisan of the Flame:  HL Katya

And all of the entrants to all of those competitions, wonderfully skilled people with the courage to put their work on display and then accept gracefully the critique of others.

In my mind, this event was incredibly successful.  Over 90 gentles arrived to play with us, the weather held (a shade too hot, but much better than the predicted rain), what was to complain of ?  Nothing; but i owe so many deep thanks.  I'll try to gather my thoughts and their names here:

Lothar Wildehaer, supposedly Not my Co-Steward, but the Site Manager.  Yeah, right.  Site manager, ice hauler, detail follower, sign handler, head waterbearer, chief cheer-leader, and possessor of the ability to believe that Nothing Can Go Wrong!  And two weeks at Pennsic in the middle of it all. 

Roana FitzStephen, Class Coordinator and wrangler of our wonderful teachers.  Thanks so much for a truly interesting schedule of classes, and the flexibility to scoot them around in the middle of the day to meet needs and surprises. Also creator of the 'items' in the Steppes Letter and Black Star, and other <small> projects. And designer of the Teachers' tote bags. This on top of two weeks at Pennsic, as well!

Sebastian Mugerza, Chef, Feastocrat, Magician with Food.  Your meals were delicious, creative, and beautifully presented (and probably documented down to the brand of flour!)  And folks, this gentle came to me at exactly 12:30, the stated time for service to begin, and announced himself ready to serve!  What more can one ask?   

David ben Leon, Chief Gate Guard, general dogsbody and clear-er up of details.  And the man who kept me pasted together during the trying months of preparation and thought of things like paperclips and ladders to pack along.There are no words, sir. . . .

Esther ap Ennis Merth, our new Herald.  Without Esther, those little red bags would not have had names on them! Nor would the arranging of the class schedule been able to continue during Pennsic, nor a million other little details been looked after. 

The Eighteen Gentles, including two children, who taught such wonderful classes that the Hall was often nearly empty - everyone upstairs or outdoors learning and enjoying those classes!  You are all the core and being of a Collegium, and my appreciation has no bounds.

The six Gentles who judged our Artisan, Novice, and Bardic competitions: HL Rixende de Roen, HL Philip White, Lady Alienor Lewellyn, HL Ciard (i won't insult her by mis-spelling her name yet again), Her Excellency Rosalynde d'Angleterre, and HL Cairenn Day.

Tenchi Sueko, our Webmistress, for keeping up with our endless changes and niggling questions, even after school started. She was one of the 'children' who taught at this event, she made the origami boxes for voting marbles, and helped me with more of those endless details.

Sabine of Arkham, our Prize Coordinator, who gave over a large share of her personal space to items donated for prize baskets, and carefully arranged those baskets, and then fussed over them yet again when the genders of our winners were known!  Sabine was the other 'child' who taught at this event. 

Micola Sorzano, who silk-screened the tote bags given to our teachers. And helped with set-up and tear-down. And helped serve lunch. And was often behind me during the event, picking up small problems.  

Caius Scaevrola, another youth to watch, who helped with set-up, tear-down, serving, moving furniture during the day, and endless errands.

Mama Roz, Aden, and Suzanne, who came all the way from Tulsa and ended up helping with the hangings and banners, working Gate, moving furniture, picking up small issues, and keeping the Steward sane all day. And then left me a loaf of the most wondrous bread . . . .

Aurelia, Micola, Cyrilla, Capricia; the embroiderers and painters of our new set of banners.

Ceinwen, the creator and spearhead painter of the scrolls for our winners.

Capricia, who thought i didn't see her flitting from Gate to Kitchen to serving, to whatever else needed doing.  She's also our Treasurer.

Scribes of The Steppes HL Muirann, Lady Lete, Lady Nuala, who turned up unasked and uninvited, and proceeded to beautifully letter our scrolls.  And were endlessly patient with a rattled Steward. 

Lady Catalina and Lady Osana, who, disappointed in their desire for a Duck Cook-Off, donated lovely prizes to the other competitions. 

HL Asa, our outgoing Artisan, who gave this event her endless support, and yet another prize basket for the new Artisan.  And still owes us a copy of her Device for that cloak . . . . .

And then, at the very least:
Kitchen crew:  Julie, Lady Anne, and several others
Gate crew:  Melissa, Cyrill, Suzanne.
Lothar's Legion:  Louie, Andre, Aethelwulf, and others who helped with set-up, tear-down, and moving of heavy objects all day long.

And others whose generosity in pitching in unasked and unnamed helped make this small event run like clockwork.  Bless your generous spirits all!

Gerita del Mare
signing off.

Crossbows don't kill people.  
Quarrels do.
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