[Ansteorra-announce] Gothic War August 29 - Sept.1 - Sweetwater

Jan Van Zandt mysticmarks at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 27 16:37:32 PDT 2003


The time grows short.  As we prepare to make our way across and into 
forbidding lands, I must send the plea  and seek the aid of more warriors 
for our upcoming battles.  I have given many tracts of land from our estates 
to the Church and the good Pope has given his blessings and granted our 
entire company indulgences for all our sins.  I have heard from sources that 
are most reliable that the first foe we shall encounter in our quest to 
retrieve a most holy item for the Church will be the the infamous and mighty 
Count Muhadi and his warriors.  Please heed this plea and come to my aid.

Come to the Gothic War and fight with the army protected by His Holiness and 
led by the gallant Sir Corwin von Xanten.

There shall be much revelry, drumming, dancing, fire spinning.  On Saturday 
night there will be the Annual Amazon Chattel Auction to help fill the War 
Chest of the Western Region.  Ladies, bring items or markers (IOU's) to bid 
with and choice, auctionable chattel to donate to the cause.  Sunday night 
there will be a bear pit wrestling tourney.

In service, I am.....

Baroness Janais L'orfevre
Shire of Ffynnon Gath
Amazon Household

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