[Ansteorra-announce] YOUTH A&S AT STARGATE YULE

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Fri Dec 5 09:10:00 PST 2003


Just another reminder that Stargate Yule is right around the 
corner and so is the Barony's first Youth Arts and Sciences 
competition.  The competition is open to children 6-16.  You can 
enter anything you want!  Documentation is not needed 
(documentation is kind of like writing a report about what you 
made...this is a castle made of legos, real castles were made of 
stones, they had turrets...)  But if you want to do documentation, 
it can only help you.  The winner of the contest will get a coll 
gift basket and will be the Baronial Champion for a whole year!  
Please email me at    antoinetteb at ev1.net   and tell me your name, 
and what you want to enter.  Looking forward to Yule!

In Service to the Dream,

HL Antoinette du Bourgogne

antoinetteb at ev1.net  

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