[Ansteorra-announce] Greetings Artisans - Time is running short

HRAFNASDOT@aol.com HRAFNASDOT at aol.com
Mon Dec 8 20:16:48 PST 2003

A last missive to the good populace.  To all artisans: I do invite you to the annual Stargate Yule celebration where the Baronial Artisan competition will be held and the next year's Artisan will be chosen.

Many items of great beauty and skill are planned for the winner.  A handsome chest for cold beverages, a prize basket, the honor of representing a fine upstanding Barony, the honor and word fame of being their artisan and much more...

Please come celebrate with us and join our competition.  To reserve a table, please send e-mail to hrafnasdot at aol.com with "letter of intent" in the subject line.  Time and room is short, so hurry and reply to gaurantee you a spot in this honorable and prestigeous competition.

For more information, go to the barondial website at:

HL Asa Hrafnasdottir, current Stargate Baronial Artisan
hrafnasdot at aol.com

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