[Ansteorra-announce] Kingdom Eisteddfod

Brian_Martin@Dell.com Brian_Martin at Dell.com
Thu Dec 11 08:38:49 PST 2003

Greetings All,

As January approaches, I wish to announce that Kingdom Eisteddfod, wherein
the next Premier Bard of Ansteorra shall be chosen, will once again take
place at Steppes Twelfth Night. The format and requirements for the
competition are listed below. If you have any questions about the
competition, please feel free to contact me privately at
twinoak at cox-internet.com <mailto:twinoak at cox-internet.com>  . 

Thanks and Happy Holidays to all,
Pendaran Glamorgan, OL
Premier Bard of Ansteorra


The competition will be held in a "double elimination" tournament style.
Under this format, all competitors will perform in the first round and the
judges will score each performance using the Ansteorran judging forms.
(Forms can be found here:
<http://ansteorra.org/orders/peerage/laurel/index.html> ) Those performances
in the top half of the scoring will be placed in the "winner's bracket",
those in the bottom half will be placed in the "loser's bracket", and will
thus incur one loss.  All competitors will perform again in the second
round. A competitor will be eliminated if/when they incur two "losses". In
the event that we have three competitors in the final round, or if time or
lack of material becomes an issue, we may have to alter the format for the
final round. That decision will be made, if necessary, during the
competition and will include discussion with the judges and competitors. 


o	Written documentation is required for at least two performances per

o	Please make multiple copies; three should be sufficient.

o	I will post the documentation drop off location at the gate and have
an announcement or two made during the day. Documentation will need to be
dropped off at least an hour prior to the competition in order to give the
judges time to read it. 

o	Any documentation is better than no documentation, but the better
the documentation, the higher the score. So yes; the quality of
documentation could have an affect on who is in the top or bottom 50% of a
round. If you look at the judging form, you'll see that documentation is
part of the score. 

o	If someone submits documentation for more than two pieces, that
"extra" documentation will be counted as extra credit (for lack of a better
term) for the pieces that accompany the documentation.

o	Would anyone out there like/need some info about what makes good
documentation? If so, I'll be happy to dig something up and post it here.


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