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Sun Jun 1 10:30:24 PDT 2003

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Greeting One and All,

I've recently had several questions and thought this would be the best way to
get this info out to all.

We regret that we are unable to allow pets on this site.  This is a Site rule
and we have no control; Campfire does not allow pets of any kind to be
brought onto the site.

Merchants, you are most welcome.  Please come. We require that you pay site
fee, but do not charge a merchant fee. We are sorry but there is not a hall and
will be no electrical hook ups for you to use.  You may want to bring your
own shade/cover for your booth.

There are flush privies and (I believe) two showers.  Water is available
throughout the camp.  There is a permanent pavilion which will be used for feast
and a common gathering place.  Fans to be used under the pavilion may be
plugged in there, but merchants will not be allowed to set up there.  The space is
too small and will be needed for feast preparations and a general gathering

Keep in mind that we cannot get on this site until after 5PM.  This is a
Campfire Day Camp and the children must be gone before we are allowed on site.
There will be no exceptions.

This is a beautiful site for camping, but has no cabins.

I think that covers everything I've been ask so far.  :-)  If you have any
other questions I will be glad to try to answer them.

Hope you all come and have a great time.

HEGitana at aol.com

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