[Ansteorra-announce] Thank You ! ! !

Shane Wallace sdwsdw30 at totalzone.com
Wed Jun 11 18:53:35 PDT 2003

Greetings from The Barony of Raven's Fort,

The Barony of Raven's Fort would like to thank the following groups for
helping the barony with the SCA demo it held at The Carriage Inn on June
7th in Huntsville, Texas.

The Barony of Bordermarch,
The Shire of Tempio,
The Canton of Gatesedge,
and last but not least our on Raven's Fort members.

I can honestly say that this was the best demo of the year. The Vice
President of The Carriage Inn was so impressed he wants the SCA to
appear at all 12 of The Carriage Inn Facilities, which by chance are in
Texas and Oklahoma -- "Ansteorra". We had several SCA members show up to
displayed their very best A & S projects and put on an excellent
fighting show from both Light & Heavy Fighters. The Corporation of The
Carriage Inn was just TOTALLY amazed. The media coverage was absolutely
fantastic, we made the front page of the newspaper. Prior to the event
there was a quarter sheet ad that The Carriage Inn ran in the paper. If
any of the groups involved would like to have a copy of the newspaper
and the ad for your groups records please contact me at
sdwsdw30 at totalzone.com.
Once again The Barony of Raven's Fort would thank all the members
involved with our demo.

In Service to the Dream, Kingdom, & Barony,

Lord Malcolm de Crauford
The Barony of Raven's Fort
Hospitaler / Deputy Seneschal

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