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Thu Jun 12 12:38:10 PDT 2003

I've had a few new SCA folks ask 'what's insignia?', so permit me to explain
in the event there are others wondering.  All official Ansteorran award
texts and insignia that goes with it, can be found online at:
There may be a few new ones to add, but this doc. lists most.

Charters - pre-printed award scrolls or 'certificates' that are hand
painted, given by the Crown or nobility to a person at court.

Insignia (badge) - a token, ribbon, favor, medalion or article of clothing;
signifying the award that is given in court.  In Ansteorra, those awards
that have insignia are as follows:

Medalion: can be needlework, stone carving, metal-engraved or etched,
painted or carved wood, etc.   Includes: Sable Crane, Sable Thistle, Sable
Crane, Rising Star, Compass Rose

Ribbon: a woven ribbon, generally on an inkle loom, includes: Iris of Merit,
Star of Merit

Token or favor: a woven braid of specific color combinations on a round
metal ring, worn on a belt, includes: Queen's Rapier, King's Archer, Golden
Bridle, etc.

Other awards made or purchased specifically by the Crown or landed Baron's
include the Baronial awards (made by members of that barony usually), Kings
Gauntlet and Queen's Glove (made by the Crown or their household), White
Scarf (made by the recipient's household), Centurians Cloak, Bards Cloak,
and a number of other insignia for specific awards.

If in doubt about what is appropriate to be made for insignia, check with
your local Baron or Baroness, Seneschal, Herald or Scribe.  Don't put work,
time and money into items that may not be correct, and could not be used.

(Shameless Plug: Mistress Stella Silvana will be teaching a class on
'Insignia and Charters' at Ansteorra's Heraldic and Scribal Symposium, June
28th, see: http://scriptoris.ansteorra.org/ahss/  for details).

While the above is not a complete list, the insignia listed under Medalions,
Ribbons and Tokens are needed for each reign by the Crown.   Per the Sable
Scroll officer, no specific shortages of insignia are needed for the stocks
currently, all insignia donated will be welcome.

Yours in service, Hillary

> --- Hillary Greenslade <hillaryrg at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Greetings good gentles all,
> An Insignia contest is being held at the Coronation of Ulsted and Cateau.
> Categories will include:
> Most Quantity by a Group
> Most Quantity by an Individual
> Best Quality by an Individual
> All insignia will be donated to the new Crown at the conclusion of the
> day.  Prizes will be provided by yours truly.  Please provide the quality
> of insignia that you would be pleased to receive.  You have one month till
> Coronation...get ready, set, GO!!
> Cheers, Mistress Hillary Greenslade

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