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We had a tremendous staff for Known World Dance and Music Symposium IV.  I
want them all to know that I really appreciated their help and support, and
with them we created a truly awesome event where people had a wonderful
time.  If I missed anyone, please forgive me – your contribution was not any
less significant because I have a feeble mind.

I am so proud of each of these people, and of their time and talents that
they donated to the Society, the College of Threebridges, and the dance and
music community.  Please, if you have opportunity – also thank them in your
own words.

Your Servant to Command,

Philip White
Event Steward, KWM&DS IV

In particular, the following people that made the event more than I could
have imagined, and when they volunteered, they exceeding any expectations I
could have had.  Their efforts were tireless and their talents exceptional.
Without these people the event would have been significantly less, and so I
want them to know in particular that I depended on them and that I thank
them personally.  I hope that I can return the service and dedication they
displayed this last weekend and in the month before.

Ariane Lancaster (Page Layout & Design/Printing/Maps/New World Ball Dance
Isabeau Lallement (European Dance Class Coordinator/Schedule Coordinator)
Melissent d’Aulnay the Capricious (Dorm Coordinator/Crash Space
Coordinator/Caroso Ball Dance Mistress)
Morgan Cain (Gate Coordinator/Dessert Steward/Idea Generator)

They did a wonderful job and I owe them so much.  I hope you have a chance
to witness their skills in the future or work along side them.  I was a
great experience.

Dr. Yvonne Kendall was a great teacher and a wonderful resource.  I was so
excited to have her visit our group and act as out guest instructor.  As an
added bonus, she stayed to share her knowledge with those eager to talk to
her and played each night with the other musicians during the ball.

I like to send a public thanks for the Conference Coordinators at UTA, David
Albart and
Jesse R. Jarvis, who were both very patient with out group and did
everything they could to work with us and make a great event.  They made it
possible for us to provide dorm rooms, class rooms, and a meal plan so that
every convenience was possible for KWDMS IV attendants.

I’d like to thank the Crown of Ansteorra, Miguel Sebastian de Oporto and
Conal Alexandria O'Riordain, and the Vicar and Vicaress of Elfsea, Armand
Dragonetti and Ameline duBois, for the visual representation of support for
the College of Threebridges and the dance and music community.

The following groups were also dedicated to seeing KWDMS IV be a success.

Barony of Cynnabar (Terpsichore Dance Booklet)
Barony of Elfsea (Supplies/Volunteers)
Barony of the Steppes (Supplies/Volunteers)
Canton of Glaslyn (Supplies/Volunteers)
College of Threebridges (Supplies/Volunteers)

The following companies donated time, money, and supplies.

2B Sportswear
Copy Fast Printing

These people too were a huge help, and completed massive amounts of work so
that we could have a fabulous time.

Adele Desfontaines (Ride Coordinator/Support Staff)
Aislyn of Glynwrd Fen (Elfsea Treasurer)
Allyson Tymmes (Decorations/Threebridges Treasurer/Support Staff/UTA
Brighid of Glenbaum (Support Staff)
Ealasaid Mac al’Bhaird al Aeryn (Pre-registration Coordinator/Event
Gerita del Mare (Gate Coordinator)
Guillaume de Troyes (European Dance Class Coordinator)
Gustav alf Blitzgarten (Site Tokens/Teacher Tokens)
Helene Quivremont (Logo/Banners/T-Shirts and Bags/New World Ball Dance
Katriana op den Dijk (Ball Musicians Coordinator)
Lowrie Leulyn (Web Designer)
Morgan Ellisse (Email Lists/Bios/Printing Support)
Perronnelle Charrette de La Tour du Pin (Known World Ball Dance Mistress)
Sayyida al Sheriffa Sana bint Kieran al Kerra (aka Clara von Ulm) (Middle
Eastern Class Coordinator/Hafla)
Sophia the Orange (Compilation CD Recording Project)
Urraca Yriarte de Gamboa (Compilation CD Recording Project)
Xene Theriane (Support Staff/UTA Liaison)

And still very important to our success were the people who offered a hand,
time, or money to help see KWDMS IV thrive.

Adrie from Northkeep (I didn’t get her full name, and it was only her 2nd
event!), Arabella de Montacute, Aurelia Yverneau, Daniel of Cameron, Deona
von Aachen, Elin the Timid, Fritz Kramp, Genevieve de Lironcourt , Gerald of
Leesville, Janelyn of Fenmere, John Elys, Llywelyn Bryddid ap Dafydd Hen,
Lyev Davidovitch,
Mara Kolarova, Neassa the Obstreperous , Rixende de Rouen , Roana
Rufina Cambrensis, Sabine of Arkham, Sara de Bonneville, Sara Owein, Seamus
O'Dubdah, Sebastian Mugerza, Sionnain of Mynydd Seren, Signy Gandalvsdottir,
Sion Andreas o Wynedd, Tahira bint Ibrahim al-Ishbiliyya, Tomas Niallagain,
Trahaearn ap Ieuan, Walter Robin.

Finally, these are all the great teachers who helped make the proceedings
and the schedule awesome.

Adele Desfontaines, Ariane Lancaster, Brighid of Glebaun, Arglwydd, Dafyyd
Cyhoeddwr, Delbert von Strassburg, Etienne de Clermont, Gregory Blount,
Guillaume de Troyes, Helene Quivremont, Ihon Vinson MacFergus, Isabeau
Lallement, Lowrie Leulyn, Lyev Davidovitch, Mara Kolarova, Melissant
d’Aulnay, Morgan Ellisse, Perronnelle Charrette, Philip White, Sayyida al
Sheriffa Sana bint Kieran al Kerra (aka Clara von Ulm), Sebastian Mugerza,
Signy Dimmridaela, Signy Gandalvsdottir, Sión Andreas o Wynedd, Sionnain of
Mynydd Seren, Sorcha ni Fhaolain, Tahira bint Ibrahim al-Ishbiliyya,
Trahaearn ap Ieuan, Urraca Yriarte de Gamboa.

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