[Ansteorra-announce] Wienfeuer Investiture & Acadamy of The Bow

HEGitana@aol.com HEGitana at aol.com
Sun Jun 22 14:01:32 PDT 2003

Greeting to all

who plan to journey to the far northlands of Ansteorra to join us for these 
festivities.  We are looking forward to seeing many old friends and new.  The 
following is just a reminder to avoid any more inconvenience to you all than is 
absolutely necessary.

For those who missed it in our add, on the web site or other postings to the 
lists.  Dakani (our site) is a children's Day Camp.  The kids are there until 
5PM.  No one will be allowed on site until after 5PM.  There can be no 
exceptions.  Also, there are no pets allowed.  Sorry, but this is the way it has to 

The site is wet, in period containers only. The primary focus of this event 
is, of course, Archery however, for those spouses and friends of archers who do 
not shoot there will also be a Seneschal's class, Heavy Melees, Rapier pickup 
fights, court dancing and as always Bardic.  

Looking forward to seeing that you all have a great time. 

Investiture Autocrat

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