[Ansteorra-announce] Midsummer's Masqued Ball

Patricia Gibson dragonsheart_ at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 23 18:50:54 PDT 2003


I am pleased to say that Midsummer's Masque was a wonderful event! We had 
dancing and foods and general merriment with eachother! It was wonderful and 
I am honered that my Lord husband and I were able to make the event happen.

I want to give our GREAT thanks to Lord Aelfhelm se Reade and Lady Aldreda 
for their help setting up and GREAT thanks to HL Suzanna the Herbalist and 
Lord Agilwulf the Loud for their help setting up and staying late with us to 
tear down and clean up.

Many thanks to Lord Philip White for being our Dance Master and giving hours 
of dance and lessons! Thank you to his many helpers as well for being so 
gracious to help teaching the dances as well.

We had a little competition for King and Queen of the dance and Best 
Masque...... And the winners were.....

King of the Ball------ Lord Clarence...hehehhe  Way to go Lady Clare... 
wonderful costume!!!!
Queen of the Ball------ Lady Ossanna (?spelling?)
Best Masque---- Lady Sunnifa------ Very intriguing masque!!! How did you do 

Thank you to all who attended and we hope you enjoyed it as well!

In Service to The Dream,
Juliana Burke of Hightower and Lord Padraig Burke of O'Malley

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