[Ansteorra-announce] Teachers for Gulf Wars

jennet jennet_tewkesbury at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 7 09:01:58 PST 2003

Greetings fellow Scribes!Scribes Point will once again be at Gulf Wars in 2004.  This time it will be at the old troll building by the condos.  Plenty of room and a wee bit closer to the activities.  IT is also a climate control building too! THL Isabel the Mad and I are looking for willing folks to teach a class.  It can be lecture or hands on.  

The times are wide open and you can teach a 30 minute class or a two hour class! Scribes Point information should soon be on the GWs webpage, so check there for schedules.  (The schedule will probably be very similar to the last couple years.) Any scribes wishing to teach at Gulf Wars - please drop me an email at:Jennet_Tewkesbury AT yahoo.com delete the spaces and replace AT with @Scribes Point is a wonderful place to meet scribes from the different Kingdoms and to see the works in progress of these wonderful artisans!And volunteer points are awarded for teaching and painting scrolls too! I look forward to hearing from you!THL Jennet of Tewkesbury 


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