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I would like to extend an invitation to the readers of this list to 
an open Viking-age event which is being held early next year.

In January 2004 (Martin Luther King holiday weekend) a re-enactment 
Althing is being held at Savernake near San Antonio Tx, 

In conjunction with the event, which is being hosted by the Helluland 
Vikings, 2 qualified Vikings TO's are coming over to continue the 
steel training program which was begun last June in Kansas City.

This time the steel combat training is being combined with an Althing-
style meeting to which all US and Canadian Viking-age, steel combat, 
authentic re-enactment groups are invited to meet, discuss and get to 
know each other so that a greater bond of friendship might develop 
between them.

In addition, any existing steel weapon qualifiers or qualified 
fighters who are able to come
down to meet us would be more than welcome, and we would especially 
welcome the chance to exchange ideas and see how fighting styles 
differ on a face-to-face basis.

There is a website here http://www.thealthing.org/

If you wish, you can email me off-list at guthroth at btinternet.com for 
more information.

Guðroð Of Colanhomm

"Literature stops in 1100. After that it's just books"
J.R.R. Tolkien

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