[Ansteorra-announce] Autumn Melees

John R Parrish armand_caitrin at juno.com
Sun Nov 16 22:02:03 PST 2003

	Unto you all...

I wish to thank the many who attended this years Autumn Melees.
Your love and support of Barony Bordermarch proved to be as strong as the
Ansteorran shield. We very much hope to see all of you once again, for
indeed it was a pleasure to have you.

With such a number we did not anticipate... fighting started much later
than was planned. My deepest apologies to the warriors of the Chivalry
and of the Rapier. You are those whom defend this Noble Kingdom, for you
need no additional time to prepare...your Ansteorran. The honor you have,
shown that day upon the Sable field.

Without the ladies whom did the water-bearing, we would not have lasted
as long as we did. The Scarlet Sisters of the Shire of Gates-Edge proved
to be golden. I hope I got the name right.... others whom worked along
side these wonderful ladies, many thanks to you.

The vigil of Sir William was awe-inspiring... The vigil of Mistress
Gwyneth was beautiful to see.

Many received well deserved awards... and it shows that this Kingdom is
growing much in talent and passion.

Preparations are being made for a much larger Melees,

Thank you Bordermarch for a job well done.

ever in your service,
   Baron of Bordermarch

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