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Baron, Meg Meg.Baron at experian.com
Mon Nov 17 09:21:26 PST 2003

Unto the members of the Society, greetings:

You may be aware of incidents which have occurred in Lehigh Valley,
Pennsylvania involving allegations of child molestation against Benjamin
Schragger (Lord Ben the Steward), the former Dean of the East Kingdom Page
School. The Directors and officers wish to express our sorrow at these
events. Both as an organization and as individuals, we are shocked and
horrified by the allegations.  We are cooperating with the authorities in
every way, and should the allegations be proven, the Board will take all
appropriate actions available under our governing documents.

The Board is currently reviewing SCA policies concerning participation of
minors in our Society to determine whether any changes to policies or
procedures are needed in light of these events. 

Unfortunately, no set of policies or procedures can ever protect us
completely. Policies must be complemented by vigilance, care, and parental

I wish to remind all of our members that this is an ongoing criminal
investigation. The SCA is therefore constrained in what it can and should
say on this matter, as it is certainly not our wish to in any way compromise
this investigation. I urge all members to treat this matter with the
restraint it merits. 

Should anyone be contacted by members of the press, please refer them to me.
I can be reached at (303) 581-9814 (leave a message) or via email at
president at sca.org.

In service,

Meg Baron
President, SCA Inc.
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