[Ansteorra-announce] A & S Competition announcement

Kathy Varner dkv250 at msn.com
Mon Nov 17 13:42:16 PST 2003

Attention all Artisans and would be Artisans,
As the winds blow cold and winter settles in, thoughts turn to warm golden 
days, harvest celebrations and the camaraderie of an Ansteorran Lughnasad 
hosted by the Canton of Loch Ruadh.

Though months away, the time is now to plan your entry for the Lughnasad X 
A&S Competition.
This year’s format will focus on newly acquired skills and crafts.

For ideas consider this:
A seamstress learns to carve wood, a painter begins to ply floss for 
embroidery, a wood crafter enamels cooper.

All have ideas of crafts or skills which we have always wanted to learn, now 
is the time to put ideas into action.

1.Entries must be the fruits of skills or crafts newly learned since the 
turning of the year (Jan.2004 through Aug. 2004)

2.The skill or craft should be sufficiently different from your field of 
expertise or experience for you to be considered a novice. Please no entries 
where-in you embroider with silk rather that cotton etc…

3.Divisions will be limited to Adult’s and Children’s categories with no 
degrees of skill, as all will be novice in their new craft.

4.For this competition the definition of novice has naught to do with the 
number of times a particular piece has or has not been entered into 
competition. By this definition novice simply means that the skill has been 
acquired since the beginning of the year. Not that you have become 
proficient since the beginning of the year, but that you have begun learning 
the skill within this time-frame.

5.Documentation is not required, however a short essay outlining how and why 
you chose this new skill, any difficulties encountered, and your intent to 
pursue or abandon the skill would lend support to the entry.

6.As the theme for the upcoming Lughnasad is “Pirates”, entries with a 
piratical influence will be given special consideration.

7.The number of entries per person is not limited, but all should follow the 
guidelines as listed.

Plan well during this winter season, work diligently through spring and 
summer, and reap the rewards of your labors with the ending of summer and 
the celebration of the harvest.

In Service,
Catrin ferch Rhys
MoAS Loch Ruadh

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