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Greetings Ansteorra, 

Have you pre-registered for classes at Fall Arts Symposium – you know, the
FREE event?  Some classes are now full.  If you are planning to attend,
please pre-register for your top 5 choices.  Oh, by the way, the event ends
in a reasonable time for those wishing to attend the off-calendar event in


You can go to the Kingdom MoAS page for further details and the class list
to pre-register.     http://moas.ansteorra.org/


Baroness Jehanne d’Avignon, O.L.

Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences 


Classes that will be offered at Fall Arts Symposium, October 25th, 2003

Canton of Loch Ruadh



“Devoted to Death”:  Human Sacrifice in Western Europe and the New World –
Baroness Mari ferch Rathyen, O.L.

A study of the ritual violence practiced in the New World to decipher the
clues of early European human sacrifice.


“Triall of Battell” and “Affray and Murther”:  History of English Judicial
and Extrajudicial Dueling from the Eleventh Century to the Present Day –
Serena Lascelles, Magistra Laureae

Countering the popular mythologies about dueling that have resulted from
people watching “Three Musketeers” movies.


East/West Contact in the Middle Ages, or Marco Polo May Never Have Seen
China. – Baroness Clare RosMuire St. John, O.L.

A brief overview of European contact with the East, focusing mainly on the
later Crusades and Mongol contact.  We’ll examine both Europeans in the East
and Easterners in Europe and examine some history of Prester John’s Kingdom
and other myths of the Far East.


Vocal Workshop: Early Northern Polyphony: From St. Magnus to the Krummavísa
(Early Nordic two-part songs) – Jarla Brynhildr Kormáksdóttir, O.L.

We'll work on parallel harmony in thirds, fourths, fifths and octaves as
exhibited in some early (or early-style) Nordic songs.  Good voice quality
is not a prerequisite, since your instructor does not possess it.  (A
reasonable sense of relative pitch, on the other hand, _is_ handy, but
no-one should hesitate to enroll if they think they don't have one.)


Reconstructing Dance –  H.L. Philip White

Beyond learning dances by rote, you can learn where dance choreographies
come from.  This will be an in-depth discussion of different aspects of
researching and reconstructing dance.


16th Century Italian Dance Steps Roundtable – Lady Lowrie Leulyn

A discussion of Negri’s and Caroso’s step descriptions.  We will go over
what the manuscripts say about doing 16th c. steps, bring your original
manuscripts if you’ve any.  Afterwards, we’ll learn Laccio d’Amore from Il
Ballarino to put the step descriptions into practice.


Research and Documentation of Period Dishes – H.L. Gwyneth Blackrose

Discussion of ideas and reference materials for documentation with methods
for presenting researched, period foods including feasts and dishes
appropriate for competition.


Button Fastening for Greek Costumes – Baroness Clare RosMuire St. John, O.L.

A short class examining some evidence on how Greeks used buttons to fasten
chitons and other clothing.  This is a review of an article and a copy is
included in the class handouts.


3-ply Yarn from a Single Strand (aka Navajo plying) – Raisya Khorivovna,
O.L. – Students will create a 3 ply yarn from a single strand of yarn.


Elizabethan Tassels – H.L. Dyan du Lac Calendre

Basic tassel making & needle weaving on Elizabethan tassels.


Coronets, Collars, and Cloaks:  Medieval and Renaissance Insignia – Serena
Lascelles, O.L.

What people in the SCA period actually wore to denote rank and honors, as
opposed to prevalent SCA practices. 


Spinning Non-Wool Fibers –Raisya Khorivovna, O.L.,  with Abigail & Esther

Discussion of the difference in techniques needed to spin non-wool fibers,
followed by hands-on by the students.


Embroidery Shading Technique – H.L. Dyan du Lac Calendre

Advanced embroidery class on shading color in 16th C. embroidery influenced
by the Orient.



Creating a Stained Glass Window Panel – H.L. Julianna Vertue

A brief overview of stained glass techniques and history in medieval period
with hands-on instruction in creating a stained glass panel.  Each student
will cut glass, lead, solder, and assemble a 9” shield-shaped panel.


Leather Appliqué – Baroness Stella Silvana, O.L.

Cultures from ancient Egypt to Medieval Europe used the beautiful technique
of leather appliqué. Learn the history of this method of leather decoration
and create a project which you get to take home.


Intermediate Sprang – Honorable Lady Radegund of Tours

The class will assume basic knowledge of sprang, an ancient and medieval
technique for making stretchy fabric by manipulating warp threads, i.e. how
to warp a sample frame and Z-twist interlinking.  Class will cover methods
of finishing and 'interlinking one thread with one thread' methods: multiple
twist interlinking, warps with varying color sequences, S-twist interlinking


Historical Embroidery –  Baroness Stella Silvana, O.L.

Learn about various types of embroidery styles and the cultures and time
periods where they were in use.


Planning a Sixteenth Century Doublet –Cassandra Louise Marchand, O.L.

Advanced class dealing with all the steps involved in making a Sixteenth
Century doublet:  research, design, material selection, pattern draping and
production, assembling, finishing.


Romanesque and early Gothic Figures and Animal Drawing – Duchess Willow de
Wisp, O.L.

An overview of stock figures, people and animals, used in the 11th, 12th,
and 13th centuries.  Figures for use in illumination and wall hangings.
Special attention will be paid to drapery and changes in drapery over time.


Creating Spaces: Ambiance for SCA Venues - Baroness Kaitlyn McKenna, O.L.

How to decorate for an SCA event, hall, pavilion, or list field, covering
the whole process from idea conception through design and into
implementation with a focus on being the coordinator with its
responsibilities. We will also share tips and tricks to achieve great
ambiance with basic supplies and talents.


Acanthus Leaves from the Gottingen Model Book –  Baroness Hillary Rose
Greenslade, O.P.

A review of the acanthus leaf illumination style as shown in the Gottingen
Model book and other sources; followed by painting sample templates.

Honey varieties and their use in mead making and cooking -  Oxlade Lachlan
 This is a completely hands-on class.  The class will consist of a
round-table tasting session and discussion of 22 different varieties of


Beer/Ale History - Oxlade Lachlan Mackinnon
 This class will review the modern aspects of brewing and relate them to
those used in late period Europe.  A working knowledge of the modern brewing
process (i.e. you've brewed 5+ batches without assistance) or an interest in
the historical aspects of medieval technological development is suggested.
(This is a history class mixed with a brewing technology class.)

 Participating in the Arts in Ansteorra – Baroness Jehanne d’Avignon, O.L.

A guided discussion of what it is like to be an artisan in Ansteorra
including; finding sources, research, types and levels of competitions,
documentation, being judged,  body of work displays,  judging, and other
topics of interest to the artists present.




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