[Ansteorra-announce] LOST?

Martha A. Compton macpob1 at airmail.net
Wed Oct 29 16:46:12 PST 2003

Well, you won't be if you stop in and look at the Mapping / Cartography
Competition at Steppes Twelfth Night, January 3, 2004.

Maps may be of any culture, specific location, wide geographical area
and time period recognized by the SCA. Show knowledge of subject,
workmanship and materials used historically.

Judging criteria to include quality of map and overall appearance.
Documentation is strongly encouraged. Any questions on the above may be
submitted to H.L. Muireann.

(This competition was originally scheduled for Steppes Warlord 30th Year
on Sunday.  The rain had other ideas.)


Alis volat propriis - She flies with her own wings.

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