[Ansteorra-announce] Autumn Melees Feast

Forrest Hedrick ambrose_blackwood at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 30 21:27:31 PST 2003

Greetings unto Ansteorra,
               This year I have the Honour and Privilege of being the Feast-O'Crat for Autumn Melees.  I would like to chew up some bandwidth to remind those of you who are intent upon joining us for Feast to please send reservation requests.  We will be serving a Middle eastern board.  We have slated spots for 250 persons.  We are also asking that all reservations be made by November 10th.  Any open spaces will be announced at the event.  Payment will be accepted at the gate, send no money now!
To let everyone in on the menu, we will be serving the following in three courses:
Lamb Stew and Falafel (a type of fried bread)
Shish-Ka- Bobs (both beef and chicken)
Dill Sauce for dipping
Gingered Rice
Cucumber salad in a Balsamic vinaigrette
Spice cakes
Fruit Salad
Mint Tea
Please send questions, reservations, and dietary concerns to the following:
   ambrose_blackwood at yahoo.com
Be sure to list something about Melees Feast in the subject line so I do not inadvertently delete it.  I will do my best to respond with a confirmation to each e-mail.  Please include both your mundane and persona names.
NO Onions will be cooked with the kabobs.  Though Sauteed onions will be available for those who care for them.  Stew without onions and garlic will also be available.

In Service to the Dream and Ansteorra,

Lord Ambrose Blackwood von Mapt, al Kaleed Ibn Tarl

Apprentice to Mistress Shanahan the Fey

(more notoriously known as, Fo)

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